Consider WorkflowMax as a partner tool to Xero. While Xero provides the ability to handle financial management tasks, such as tracking invoices and pushing out payroll, there are still other responsibilities that need to be accomplished before those tasks can take place. Invoice data needs to be entered. Time spent on projects needs to be tracked. Timesheets need to be submitted. WorkflowMax can help to take care of these initial project management steps.

With WorkflowMax, you can also:

  • Manage project timelines: Schedule and adjust deadlines; break projects down into steps; and track progress by staff member, task or overall project.

  • Track leads: Whether by staff, month or category, find out where your business is generating the most potential. Track points of contact and schedule future correspondence with potential clients.

  • Run data on your business: Did you ever wonder which projects have the largest return on investment or how your employees are spending most of their time? WorkflowMax will tell you. 

Additionally, your business can export information from WorkflowMax, such as payroll and invoices, straight over to Xero! For more information on how WorkflowMax can work with your Xero accounting software, contact us today.

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