Retail businesses have a lot of information to manage. Inventory, vendors, sales and customers make up only part of the list that store managers have to track. 

Vend helps to make that process easier, and since it is compatible with Xero, it even helps with keeping finances up-to-date and accurate. Automatically create invoices in Xero when you enter a sale in Vend or export your daily sales to Xero when you use Vend to close out a register. Client information can also be shared between software applications.


With Vend, you can also:

  • Accept credit card payments 
  • Create receipts to be printed or emailed 
  • Import or create barcodes for merchandise 
  • Set up automated reordering of inventory 
  • Track customer history 

These are just a few of Vend’s many benefits. Contact us today for more information on how Vend can help your in-store or online retail business, or sign up for a free trial today.

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